Why is medcert.com so inexpensive?Resident with laptop medcert logo

Medcert.com doesn't assume all doctors are rich, we know better! The board review courses that are offered are completely over-priced. If someone pays $1000 for an in-person board review course attended by 300 physicians . . . they've just made $300,000 !!!!!  They can pay the conference center, the lecturers, ancillary staff, buy lunch, and still walk away with $200,000 PROFIT.  Then they take the video (or audio) and continue to charge $1000 a person (sometime $800 because they feel guilty).  Because we have few other options, we pay.  Quite simply, these materials don't cost that much!! The $199.00 we charge goes to website upkeep and content update. PERIOD.

What makes medcert.com special?

Medcert.com was the FIRST online website for board certification review and started back in 1999! We have more than just practice questions, we have an array of resources that take advantage of the different ways physician's learn.  And medcert.com is for preparation for an EXAM. . . not the practice of medicine.  We were the first to have Clinical Presentations, Hot Topics, and an online simulation exam!!  Now we've got flashcards!  Take medcert wherever you go. . . on your iPod, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. There is nothing to download.

Is medcert.com guaranteed?

Yes, we will refund your subscription fee of $199.00 upon your request ($99 if you signed up as a student). Just notify us in writing letting us know why, and we will process your reasonable request with 14 days of notification.  We don't charge enough to give you double your money back, but we provide a "money back guarantee,"  and that's all you really need.  No risk.

Does medcert.com offer CME credit?

No. Medcert.com does not offer CME credit. We believe that there are multiple avenues (many free) on-line to get the credit you need for your license.  We agree that it "would be nice" to offer it, but frankly everyone doesn't need it, and we would have to fold the extra work that is required for CME credit into everyone's price, and our "prime directive" is quality information at a rock bottom price!

I have a great study table that I created that others may find helpful.  How can I submit my study material for possible inclusion in medcert's review?

There are many ways to help, first you can add comments/additions in the blog section below the related Hot Topics, or use the medcert general blog, or you can email your study materials to admin@medcert.com.

Am I somehow cheating by using this site? Are people asked to share their recollection of actual questions from the ABIM exam?

NO. We do not ask for (nor want or need) doctors to share actual information or experiences from their board exams.  Doctors with no more experience than us actually develop their questions. . . after all it's just internal medicine! The medcert difference is when we where in medical school (or residency), we were in a learning community which made studying, sharing study tools and tips, easier.  We might have struggled with a medical concept, and then ran into someone who had a great diagram (or mnemonic)  that explained it all.  By working together, we learned the material, and passed the exam . . . and no one charged us a thousand dollars for the study material.  Medcert is now our virtual learning community.  

Join, study, ask a question, share a study tip, pass the test, then move on. . . there is no need to cheat!

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