For $199, you get:

  1. Over 900 internal medicine practice questions.

  2. Over 450 internal medicine review topics & study tables (many with photos & diagrams).

  3. Over 250 clinical presentations with diagnoses and treatments.

  4. A 60 question two hour timed and scored simulation exam.

  5. And the intellectual support of many other physicians studying just like you (in the form of blog comments, supplements, and additional materials).

MedCert uses a variety of methods to quiz you on the material. Not just multiple choice questions, although we, too, have multiple choice questions; but we have interactive programs that get your mind prepped for the exam.

Our methods get you in-tuned and alert to all aspects of the questions. We're inexpensive because MedCert is fully owned, operated, and supported by PHYSICIANS who don't believe in gauging our fellow physician, . . . like many other review courses.

We believe we have got to stick together, and start supporting each other rather than finding ways to take advantage by producing overpriced audio and video tapes, review books, and other board preparation material. 

medcert ad at computerIf you want to maximize your score, no matter your current performance, is for you!!

And our blog entry format makes adding clinical nuances, asking forum questions,  and getting study tips from others easy.

The approach is for PASSING TESTS, nothing else. Use other medicine review resources for the clinical information you need for the practice of medicine. Remember, we are physicians helping physicians, but keep in mind, we are NOT cheating! We are studying together, sharing study tips and approaches, and challenging each other with differing approaches to exam success!

MEDICAL STUDENTS get a $100 discount as a way to recognize the financial challenges we all go through while in school full time. Students will not be able to add comments/blogs, submit study materials, or have access to the simulation exam, but everything else is fully available for their review! Doctors helping future doctors.

Should you have any questions regarding registration and/or the MedCert Program and its services, check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page, or contact us here.

And We're GUARANTEED !! 
Sales Policy: strives to guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our website. We want you to be satisfied with the value and quality of your purchase. If for any reason, you are not satisfied please notify us by mail, and if your needs cannot be satisfied, we will issue a 100% refund within 5 business days of the receipt of your complaint.


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