ABIM Board Re-CertificationAre you beginning your ABIM board re-certification exam preparation? Are you wondering to yourself, where do I begin? You've been out of residency for at least 9 years, definitely reading less, studying less, reviewing less. . . and now you have this big exam coming up!!  You've got kids, bills, insurance issues, and lots more responsibilities than in the past.

How do I start to "re-learn" all of internal medicine in less than a year. What specialties should I give the most time to?  How is the Internal Medicine Board Re-certification exam broken down? In the table below provided by the ABIM, they show the breakdown for the "Fall 2015" exam vs previous MOC exams.  We can presume the breakdown going forward will be similar (although they didn't say. . . ).

ABIM Board Re-Certification

Thankfully because of the mess of MOC, the ABIM has issued a blueprint of which topics to review and their weight on the exam. The entire document is 46 pages long but an example from cardiology is below.

ABIM Board Re-Certification

ABIM board re-certification exam preparation is different that initial certification.  There is less pathophysiology and more clinical scenarios. It would be a good idea to print this out and highlight the areas completed.  It is always best to have a systematic approach to cover all of the material.

Of course, having this table does not eliminate extensive review. For example, the table above would suggest you need to know EVERYTHING about hypertension, but we all know the nephrologists struggle to know "everything" about hypertension. Where exactly does the specificity of "diagnosis", "testing", "treatment", "risk assessment/prognosis/epidemiology", and "pathophysiology/basic science" end? It really is ridiculous!

The good new is, with all of the push-back on MOC, hopefully they will do away with the exam, and none of us will need an exam preparation course.  But until that happens, your preparation for the ABIM re-certification exam should begin with a MEDCERT.COM membership.

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